Who We Are

  1. Prayer Warrior

    Become one of God's assigned prayer warrior by Fasting & Praying with the elects every Tuesday    prayer times: @ 9 am, 12 noon & 3 pm

  2. Be a greeter/usher

    This is a great way to get to know & invite members.

  3. Behind the scenes
    Join our technical, grounds, online, seminars / camps organisers or kitchen crews.

Many faces, one faith.

We are a diverse group of believers – bankers, prophets, musicians, prophetess, social workers, evangelists, teachers, brothers, public servants, sisters, business owners, parents, clergy men/women  – united by our shared faith in a loving God. 


Our Mission


PrayerTalk takes its inspiration from John 14:13 “And what ever ye ask in my name, that will i do, that the father may be glorified in the Son."


Oh how easy it is to get lost! With our cell phones and iPads, our 24-hour news cycles, there’s virtually nowhere to go for a moment of peace and quiet.


That’s where PrayerTalk comes in. We provide a holy place of respite in the tumult of life. So join us, put aside the cares of the week and find yourself in the presence of God.